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Signature SPA Rituals

Name Time Price Description Book
Deep Sleep 120 Minutes INR 5600 Hour hunched over a computer seated in meetings or crammed into an aeroplane seat leads to stress and strain in the lower back, shoulders, neck, hands and eyes. This spa session is your much-needed stress buster.
Inclusive of:- Rejuve (60min)! Head massage (30min)! Foot massage (30min)
Cherish 120 Minutes INR 5200 Allow the superwomen in you restore her super-power to take on the world refreshed and renewed. give in to this me-time for you.
Inclusive of:- Choice of Relax or Rejuve (60min)! vitamin facial (60min)
Delight(Couple) 90 Minutes INR 8400 Our therapist treat you like in a tranquil natural setting and lead you your loved one to a state of bliss with the perfect cobination of our luxurious therapies of rejuvenation.
Inclusive of :- Abhyanga, and akhra malish.
Serenity (Cocple) 120 Minutes INR 9900 Luxuriate in the candlelight of the couple's treatment suite as you both relax and rejuvenate. why wait for an anniversary to celebrate togetherness?
Inclusive of:- Swedish & Deep tissue massage (60 min)! Vitamin facial (60 min)

Indian Selection

Name Time Price Description Book
Akhara Malish 60/90 Minutes INR 3200/4800 The traditional aroma therapeutic massage oil works vigorously on your body to rekindle your energy flow. Elementia uses ths powerful oil massage to release your body pain to rejuvenate your sore, tense muscles. Book
Potali 75 Minutes INR 3500 Our unique therapy based on the Ayurvedic principles of therapeutic application of warmth. The body is massaged with linen potalis stuffed with essential herbs and oil, resulting in relaxation and detoxification. this also helps with harmonising the chi. Book
The Purity wellness Spa Signature Therapy 90 Minutes INR 4800 This is a signature wellness service of The Purity Wellness Spa incorporating yoga stretches along with a massages. this unique technique involves dry and and dry and oil based massage, eases muscle tension and energises the body with acupressure movements and stretching. Book

International Selection

Name Time Price Description Book
Traditional Swedish Massage 60/90 Minutes INR 3000/4500 A medium pressure boday massage, which uses of the most effective proven massage techniques. The messeur will use various traditional, long kneading strokes to energise your body. The swedish massage targets tried muscles and enhances blood circulation. Book
Deep Tissues Massage 60/90 Minutes INR 3200/4800 Feel all your tension melt away as this therapy helps reduce adhesions and loosens muscles. Highly customised for your needs, our masseur will focus on relieving muscle tension and pain from tired body. Book
Aroma Massage 60/90 Minutes INR 2500/3500 Book
Coconut Cream Cooling Massage 60/90 Minutes INR 2499/3499 This a combination of beauty and purity of soul. it's totally focous on your whole body soft and feeling relax after this massage you will feel like a nature lover. Book
Haldi Chandan Special Beauty Massage 60 Minutes INR 2199 This a combanation of turmeric and sandle wood cream, you will fresh and looking combination of "RATI & KAAMDEV". This is very special and holestic therapy. Book
Baby Caring Massage 60/90 Minutes INR 3500/4500 This therapy you feel like as a baby, our therapist will treat you as a very sensitive baby and caring as a child it's contain aroma and desi baby oiling massage. Book

Express Therapy

Name Time Price Description Book
Indian Head Massage 30 Minutes INR 1500 This invigorating therapy helps restore the natural sheen of the hair fibre. This massage helps relieve stress from the head, neck and shoulders,creating a profound sense of joy and relaxation. Book
Leg Fatigue Reliever 30 Minutes INR 1800 Based on ancient eastern techniques, reflex zones on the feet and calf muscles are worked on . This is a treatment that balances the energy flow in the body and eases swollen legs and ankles, using a hand-picked combination of soothing natural oils. Book
Oriental Back Massage 30 minutes INR 1800 Originating from the island of ball, this therapy will soothe internal tissues, and relieve strained muscles and joint pain. We use carefully chosen aromatic oils during the massage to the massage to calm the nervous system, making this a serene experience indeed. Book

The Purity Wellness Spa Special Therapy

Name Time Price Description Book
ACUPRESSURE 45 MINUTES INR 2999 Acupressure is a technique similar in principle to acupunture. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" in the body. In treatment, physicl pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in those meridians. Book
SPOT THERAPY 45 Minutes INR 5999 Spot treatment work on a specific part of the body. They include spa manicures and pedicures;hand and foot treatments; scalp treatments; cellulite, anti stress, and bust firming treatments;back treatments and facials.
THAI MASSAGE 45 minutes INR 2999 Traditional Thai Massage is generally based on a combination of indian and chinese traditions of medicine.


Name Time Price Description Book
SIGNATURE THE PURITY WELNESS SPA BODY SCRUB 60 MINUTES INR 2500 Coconut is used exfoliate dead skin cells. This action ingredient also boosts skin metabolism which result in creating new cells to make your skin feeling fresh, smooth and tingling with vitality.
BODY SCRUB THAI FLOWERS 60 Minutes INR 1800 Exfoliation has always been an important step in all skin-care treatment. Making your feel fresh rejuvenated. A body scrub is the best way to remove a skin tan. If your skin had become rough and hs darkened due to pollution or exposure to dust, you use a body scrub to remove, leaving you with a soft and supply skin.
RELAXING COFFEE SCRUB 60 minutes INR 1800 Essence of coffee is combined with milk;white mud and honey to gentle exfoliate. The coffee scrub is an aromatic experience that will leave that skin smooth and polished to perfection; coffee will smooth and refine your skin, at the same time,elevate your mood and break up fatty deposits as well as improve circulation.
JASMINE RICE BODY SCRUB 60 minutes INR 2100 Pure,fresh jasmine Rice forms the base of this nourishing body scrub. It is suitable for all skin types and leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh and moisturized.


Name Time Price Description Book
ALOE VERA BODY WRAP 60 MINUTES INR 2500 This is body is treatment after overexposoure to the harmful to the harmful rays of the sun. The highly moisturizing Aloe vera warp followed by cooling cucumber compress will provide relief from the discomfort of burned and dehydrated skin.
BODY MASK SEAWEED 60 Minutes INR 2500 The perfect treatment to revitalize the skin with alge, refreshing minerals and skin with a special aromatherapy massage oil suitable for skin. Suitable for lack of skin or tired skin.

The Purity Wellness SALON MENU

Salon Menu

Name Price Book
Oragnic Pedicure INR 750
Oragnic Manicure INR 750
Hair Spa INR 2500
Hair Wash ( Sampoo & Conditioning ) INR 450
Extra For Long Hair INR 300
Nail Paint Change ( Hands/Feet ) INR 150


Name Price Book
Eyebro INR 700
Eyelash Tint INR 700


Name Price Book
Eyelash Perm INR 1400
Wow Brow INR 2100


Name Price Book
Eyebrow Wax INR 600
Lip Wax INR 600
Chin Wax INR 700
Underarm Wax INR 750
Full Arms Wax INR 1750
Chest Wax INR 1750
Back Wax INR 1750
Full Leg Wax INR 1750
Half Leg Wax INR 1400
Bikini Wax INR 1050
Brazilian Wax INR 2100

General Information


  • It is recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled spa session.
  • For the convenience of other guest,please intimate us about any cancellation a minimum of 4 working hours prior to your appoitment. Late cancellations will attract a 50% cancellation fee.


  • Help us maintain the serene environment of the spa by keeping your mobiles phones silent and speakingsoftly.
  • Guest under the age of 18 are not permitted within the spa, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited within the spa area.The spa management has the discretion of not serving guests under the influence of alcohol.
  • Gentlemen are advised to shave at-least 3 hours prior to a facial session.

What should guests wear during a treatment?

  • Guest will be provided with disposable are required to wear this for your comfort.our thrapists will always use draping technique to respect your privacy.


PREMIUM VALUE 15000 15% 3 Months 1 Add to Cart
PREMIUM VALUE 16000 20% 3 Months 1 Add to Cart
PREMIUM SMILE 20000 25% 6 Months 1 Add to Cart
PREMIUM SMILE 25000 30% 6 Months 1 Add to Cart
PREMIUM CLUB 40000 35% 12 Months 2 Add to Cart
PREMIUM CLUB 55000 40% 12 Months 2 Add to Cart
PREMIUM ELITE 120000 45% 18 Months 2 Add to Cart
PREMIUM ELITE 150000 50% 18 Months 2 Add to Cart


  • Membership packages are non-refendable and can be availed against a valid membership card/booklet.
  • Pregnant lady guests and other guests with any medical condition, are advised to consult their doctors before signing up for any services and inform the spa therapist about the condition.
  • The spa treatment rendered by "The Purity Wellness Spa & Salon Pvt.Ltd ".are not general purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical treatment for any condition, medical or otherwise that guests amy have. The Purity Wellness Spa & Salon, it's employees and representatives will not be held liable for any incident experienced by the guest during or after spa service.
  • The spa treatments rendered by "The Purity Wellness Spa & Salon Pvt.Ltd".are professional in nature. Any illicit or sexually suggestive behavior, remarks or advances made by the guest will result in the immediate termination of the session and may result in legal action. The guest will also liable to pay for the complete charges for the scheduled service.